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The ultimate race at the Far Side of the World
August 12-13th 2017
Teriberka village

Murmansk region, Russia

1/2 of an Arctic mile and 1 mile

Are you crazy enough?

Yes – apply!

Daredevils Only!

+ 6-8 °C is the expected water temperature in Teriberka Bay in August. We will let our fire not to freeze.
It is the Arctic Ocean, that one we read about during the geography classes, the ocean which became the scene of action for “Two captains” novel and became the scene of life for Chelyuskin, Amundsen and Schmidt. The Ocean of the Arctic convoys and The Northeast Passage. The snow stays here until June and the sun doesn’t set till August.
Is there anything more romantic than swimming race in the ice ocean? There is! Just set up a tent right on the beach with a view of the Northern Pole.
Among our apres swim suggestions: a joint morning jogging to a waterfall and artillery batteries of the Second World War time; climbing the table mountain which dominates the village; blackberry and sea creatures eating; selfie with dead ships; White Night Beach Party on the crazy arctic beach.

Route maps

You can choose one of two distances: half a mile or one mile. The starting point of both distances takes place on a charmingly beautiful sandy beach on the shore of Teriberka Bay. The swimmers of half a mile race will take part in “mini-benidorm”, will swim around a cliff island and will turn back. The participants of 1 mile race will cross the bay and swim from New Teriberka to the Old one.

The starts of two races will begin in different time so it will be possible to take part in both races.

The status of an experienced ice swimmer must be proved by special documents (see Terms and Conditions).

Severe beauty of the North

Teriberka village is among the twenty most popular travel directions in the world according to National Geographic Traveler version. Indeed, it’s worth it! This severe beauty of the northern nature and peculiar way of life of local inhabitants make an inexpressible impression that you are on the Edge of the World, and it is literally true!
Since recent time this old fishing village is widely known. It became the place of shooting “Leviathan” movie by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Teriberka was chosen as a backstage for his dramatic narration for a reason. Here, on the intricately rugged sea coast, you can physically feel the breezing of the Arctic. It is the only place in Russia where it is possible to reach the shore of the Arctic Ocean by car. And further, up to the pole, there is nothing else except water and ice.
The water in the Barents Sea is not similar to the water of southern seas, it has a different color, different taste, density and mood. There are peculiar sea dwellers, most of them are very tasty. This place is the northern Mecca of kiters and divers. The hills are studded with mushrooms and berries till late autumn. Even in August the nights are white here - the sum sets not for a long time, there is no full dark even after midnight.
The spirit of the gone epoch reigns on the backdrop of enticing northern scenery. The echoes of this epoch are found everywhere - in the windows of abandoned meteostations and houses, in artillery units and half-destroyed wooden ships.


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How to get here
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A lot of foreigners need a visa to visit Russia. You can visa request via tour agency but it is more expensive. You may also get it by yourself following our instructions.

There are five steps:
  1. Here you can check if a citizen of your country needs a Russian visa.
  2. Get the invitation by our official visa partner online usually it costs $25 (depends on your country). If you buy a tour package with registration to the swim, you get it for free.
  3. Find the Russian Consulate or Visa application center (such as VFS Global) in your area, here is the list.
  4. Collect your documents following the list provided by the Consulate and submit it. The usual Consular fee is €35, and service charge could be about €27 per person.

You can get visa either before or after your registration to the race.
For the first time we promise you to make a refund of the paid entry fee in case of visa refusal.

Feel free to question us
The easiest way – is to take a plane to the city of Murmansk. The flight from Moscow or Saint Petersburg to Murmansk (MMK) will cost you about 200 euro both ways.

From Murmansk to Teriberka 130 km and you can use our bus (the schedule of our bus you can find on web site Arctic Swim there we describe Agenda) or you can use a taxi it costs about 35- 70 euro ( or rent a car it costs ~30 euro per day (

Feel free to question us

Feel free to question us

Agenda August 12-13

Time Action Place
August 12 
10.30-11.15  Meeting of participants in Murmansk and departure to Teriberka  10.30 - Murmansk railway station
11.15 - Murmansk airport 
16.30-18.00  Acclimatization Swim and starter packages delivery   The beach in Teriberka village near the start camp 
18.00  White Night Beach Party   The beach in Teriberka village near the start camp 
August 13 
08.00-14.00  Starts.
The schedule of starts will be announced the day before, August 12, depending on the actual weather conditions.
1/2 mile and 1 mile distances will be separated in time. “Ice swimmers” and “Daredevils" will swim together. 
Teriberka village, start camp 
14.00  Departure of the bus to the airport  Teriberka village, start camp 

* Agenda can be changed.

Organizers team
Александр Базанов

Alexander Bazanov

Inspirer of the project

The organizer of sports and business events, marathoner, swimming coach

+7 910 389 27 66


Марат Богдалов

Marat Bogdalov

GR Officer

Runner, dancer, fighter, ATCM PCM coach


Андрей Миндрюков

Andrey Mindryukov

Chief Customer Officer

The role model for his son, the swimmer, the full time DIYer


Сергей Рыбкин

Sergey Rybkin

Chief Design and Web Officer

Designer, traveller, triathlete, father of two daughters, the architect of his own fortune.


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